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The following rules do not substitute any of the Constitution but add to it for clarity.

Members are required to display proof of membership by wearing shoe tags and to show their membership card if asked by a committee member. The shoe tag is the only outward sign of a member and saves the embarrassment of those not wearing their tag being asked to prove their membership.


Tennis trainers must be worn on court not hard soled heavily ridges trainers. Sensible tennis attire to be worn on court. For example, no jeans or swimming clothing. Coloured tennis attire is acceptable.

NON MEMBERS (Member Guests or Visitors)

Non-members, whether guests of a member or a visitor, may play only 3 times in any one membership year and pay a court fee, currently £3 per adult non-member and £1 per junior non-member. Exceptions: visiting team members, adult non-members in the coaching programme. (Non-members participating in the coaching sessions must become members after one course, usually 6 weeks, if they wish to continue.) Payment for member guests must be made before playing. Please deliver payment in the completed envelope provided in the display cabinet within the courts to the post box outside the entrance to The New Beaconsfield Hall. Guest’s names must be signed into the Visitor’s Book before commencing play. It is the responsibility of members to make sure that their guests follow club rules. Non-members who are not invited by a member to play on the courts may hire the courts by the hour at a cost per person, currently £3 per person per hour. They must contact a member of the committee to arrange a booking. Bookings can only be made 24 hours prior if there is court availability but not after 6pm. Payment must be paid prior to play. Non-member court fees will be refunded should they join the club in the same year.


Treat nets and surrounds with care. Do NOT walk behind other players while games are in progress except in gaps of play. Do not pass on the code for the lock on the courts to non-members. Do not lean bicycles against the surrounds. Do not bring chewing gum on to the courts. Ensure the gate is locked as you leave the courts. Entry to the courts is through the gate. Do not climb over the fencing. Only Tennis and related coaching exercises are permitted on the courts. Tennis related notices may be put into the display cabinets but the Committee reserve the right to dispose of them if necessary. All players should respect others on the courts


Under 12s must be supervised by an adult on the courts. Should lock themselves into the courts before starting to play. All juniors participating in the term time coaching programme must be a
member of the club after a trial period of 6 weeks. CHILD WELFARE – it is the responsibility of all club members to advise the Welfare Officer, Clare White (01993 878334), of any concerns they have regarding the welfare or abuse of any junior member.


Subscription refunds will not be given under any circumstances. Membership is non-transferable.
1. Courts 1, 2 and 3 are bookable through the ClubSpark System which is
reached via the club website.
2. Bookings may only be made up to FOUR weeks in advance
3. Bookings are for up to 90 minutes although tournament matches may
be for two hours. You may book ahead only once unless for club
tournament matches.
4. Members playing together may book only one court session.
5. Club sessions, Club coaching, tournaments and matches have priority.
6. The committee reserves the right to authorize the hire of one or more
courts on an ad hoc basis at an appropriate fee, but not later than 6pm.


During junior coaching sessions, TWO courts are usually used between 3.30pm and 6.30pm. Where the third court is not being used by other players (see ClubSpark bookings) then the coach may spread the players onto all three courts. The only coaches allowed to coach on the club’s courts, either in group or 1-1 sessions, are those that are part of our coaching team led by our head coach and agreed by the committee. No other coaching arrangements can be made on our courts without the approval of the committee and the head coach. NB. The committee reserves the right to invoke clause 5.3 of the constitution if any member or visitor is in contravention of any of these on-court rules.


The Club’s Constitution governs how the club will operate and has been passed at the AGM of February 2012. It contains a number of “rules” which are not replicated here but include:
1. Name – The Club’s official name and address
2. Definitions – definitions of various positions and terms. E.g. “ The
Chairman” and “The LTA”
3. Objectives – the objectives of the club
4. Application of Surplus Funds – As a non-profit making organisation, the
use of surplus funds
5. Membership – eligibility, admission, conditions, classes and
6. Resignation – the process
7. Expulsion – basis and process of expelling a member.
8. Effects of Resignation or Expulsion
9. The Management Committee – it’s membership and structure
10.Proceedings of the Management Committee – How the Committee will
11.Annual General Meeting – The rules of an AGM
12.Extraordinary General Meeting – How one can be called
13.Procedures at the AGM or EGM – procedures
14.Guests – rules concerning Guests
15.Opening of Club Premises – when the club is open
16.Alteration of the rules – process
17.Regulation and Standing Orders – process
18.Use of Facilities – rules
19.Finance – conducting financial control
20.Borrowing – Clubs ability to borrow
21.Property – rules
22.Notices – Official communication with membership
23.Dissolution – How the club can be dissolved